Soy candles gift set 3pcs

A gift set contains eco-friendly soy candles with three timeless scents, Cappuccino, Cherry & Plum, and Sandalwood, that will fill the whole space with a beautiful aroma.
Slow-burning soy candles last up to 50% longer than regular paraffin candles.
All natural, therefore less harmful to the environment.

Made in Slovakia

Soy candles in glass containers gift set (160g),
Three hand-made soy candles
fit for any occasion or as a gift.
Dimentions :
Diameter: 7.5cm
Height including the wooden cover: 9.5cm
Net weight of wax: 160g
Weight: 0.44kg

Warning notice:
Do not leave the burning candles unattended. When lit for the first time, leave the candle burning for three hours for the wax to melt evenly from the edges.