Tea gift box

Tea gift box – bring your favourite drink in an eco-friendly thermos flask always with you. Stay warm with the Slovak-made Zlatea tea in an eco-friendly packaging.

The EcoFamilyShop thermos flask (450ml) for tea, coffee and cold beverages keeps you hydrated at all times, just bring it with you wherever you go

Zlatea Ayurvedic Blends /6pcs/

Tea gift box:
Thermos flask (450ml),
6pcs of Zlatea Ayurvedic tea blends
Height, including the stopper: 24.5cm
Volume: 450 ml
Weight: 0.5kg

How to use:
Fill the metal sieve with loose tea and put it inside the thermos flask. The thermos flask keeps the temperature for 4 hours Clean with regular detergents and hot water.