Feeling depressed? Go for a walk....

Scientists around the globe agree that staying outdoors boosts your mood and can even help fight depressions. A simple walk in the park has long-lasting positive effects.
The scientists have analysed photos posted by Internet users during an outdoor walk and found out that their posts contained a higher-than-usual number of words describing positive and cheerful feelings. This study confirms the statistics which say that the happiest people live in Scandinavia.
The first three places belong to Finland, Denmark and Norway that still have a relatively clean air and boast astonishing beauties of nature.
The Norwegians also have a special expression – friluftsliv – which loosely translates into "free air vacation”, and not only because of fishing, diving or Nordic walking. Perhaps the friluftsliv is the next big thing that will follow Danish "hygge”.
Walking outdoors for at least two hours a week will already make you feel its positive effects on your mind and body.
According to the scientists from Harvard, the soothing sounds of nature and the calmness of the countryside (in the woods, in the park, etc.) may reduce your blood pressure and levels of cortisol, a hormone said to be responsible for stress.
I like one study in particular, which says that simply looking at the freshly cut grass will take you back to your childhood memories...